Campus Initiatives

Campus Initiatives 

At Franklin Pierce University, we work hard to offer a green and sustainable Dining Program. We understand that we have an obligation as a service provider, community member and employer to create a Better Tomorrow. 


Waste Reduction

  • Trayless Dining cuts back on our water and energy usage, saving hundreds of gallons of water each day! 
  • We donate food waste to local farmers for animal feed.
  • We recycle everything we can!

Responsible Sourcing 

Executive Chef Charles Salmond and our culinary team work tirelessly to source locally as much as possible. 

  • We proudly partner with Prime Roast Coffee Co. located up the road in Keene, NH at our Library Cafe location.
  • We serve local dairy products and ethically sourced coffee in the dining hall
  • Proudly serving Green Mountain Coffee in the Marketplace Café 
  • We work closely with our produce supplier to prioritize local and seasonal produce as much as possible 
  • 100% of eggs served on campus are cage-free 

Sustainable Eating 

We recognize that a critical part of our sustainability efforts is based in how we plan our menus. We strive to offer a wide variety of plant-forward meal options to help reduce our footprint.